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Every little bit helps. Even a one time donation helps bring the Word of God to the people of Hawaii. Prayerfully consider a donation to Kalo TV. All financial gifts are completely tax deductable.





Making a recurring donation is the easiest way to give – and ensure your favorite projects and programs receive ongoing support. Set up your ongoing donation today!





Help us spread The Word by purchasing new equipment and software upgrades essential to keeping the station running smoothly, and producing quality content for Kalo TV.



Kalo TV is completely dependent on the support from viewers like you. If it wasn’t for you, we would not be able to bring you the programs that you see on this station. If you are blessed by this station, and are not yet a financial partner, please prayerfully consider partnering with us by becoming a one-time or monthly donor. Your financial gifts help us to bring the Word of God to viewers like you. Because Kalo TV is a 501c3, non-profit, non-commercial station, your financial gifts are completely tax deductable. You are helping to bring the Word of God to the people of Hawaii and support the day to day operations of running a television station, maintenance of equipment and the costs for programming materials. Your gift allows us to remain on the air to reach out and minister to the people of Hawaii! Any amount will make a BIG difference!


KALO TV | PO Box 1256 | Honolulu, HI 96807   •   Call to donate over the phone |  (808) 596-4417